Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Legal Injustice in Egypt

This video documents an iconic case of human rights violations in Cairo; civilians being tried in military court. This case is in violation of all international conventions regarding legal procedure to which Egypt is a signatory and has called the attention of international legal and human rights activists and organizations including Ramsey Clark, Sir Ivan Lawrence, Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, and the Arab Commission on Human Rights.

This issue is time-sensitive! Drawing public attention for more than a year, the final court date for sentencing is February 26th.

Please e-mail the following message to:

Egypt's National Council for Human Rights -

Egypt's Ministry of Justice
Counselor/ Mamdoh Mohie E-din Marie

Egypt's Ministry of State for Legal Affairs and Parliamentary Councils
Dr. Mufid Mahmoud Mahmoud Shehab

"I have learned about the case of the Muslim Brotherhood #963 in which 40 civilian leaders are being tried in military court. I stand against Egypt’s violations of international legal procedure and voice my opposition to the government’s breach of international human rights conventions. I urge you to stand up for justice and support acquittal of the defendants at the final session of the military tribunal on Tuesday February 16, 2008."


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jshires said...

aisha, this is very powerful. Thank you so much for doing it. May we pray for peace and for the good and for what is right and humane.