Friday, August 3, 2007

An idea for Bashar's next poster



In a misguided attempt to promote readership on the blog, I promised to include a Will Ferrell reference in each of my posts.

I've failed miserably. But here is my attempt to make amends.

Does anyone else notice a likeness between "I think the camera caught him by surprise on this one" King Abdullah and a certain American actor well known for running around in his underwear? Well, if you never noticed it before, all you have to do is turn around (or just scroll down).

"I think the camera caught him by surprise on this one" Will Ferrell from Old School, care of the incomparable Joey Dolbee.

I've been bashing Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad for the lack of variety in his nationalist iconography. But I think it's safe to say that he could redeem himself with one shot like this.

If not, I can only think of one other image that could make up for all of his seriousness and Jean Claude Van Damme grimmaces. More cowbell and a giggling Jimmy Fallon figure prominently in it.

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