Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Bedu


Some photos from the multimedia project I'm doing on the Bedouins of the Sinai.

Our bedouin guide, Farhaj Suleiman...loves the desert but lives in the city of Nuweiba...says that the desert is in the blood of every bedouin, regardless of where and when they are born. They always come back to it.

The aunt of one of the old bedouin guides. The white sheet that hung behind her illuminated her face that was covered with a black shawl.

Salim, one of the bedouin guides. It was a full moon the weekend I was in the Sinai.

After dinner, our young bedouin cook doused the fire and waited as we finished our food.

Farhaj said something that really struck me. He said that the life of the bedouins as they know it will finish in 5 years because of borders and privatization of land.
He hoped that his children would understand the life of the real bedouin, the lives of his father and his father before him. "Its in our blood," he said.

He asks one question: One day the Sinai belongs to Israel. Another it belongs to Egypt. Where do the bedouin go?

Are you Egyptian, he was asked.

No, I am a Bedouin.


Gale said...

Thanks for the amazing pics! Those of us that cannot travel really appreciate your pictures and especially your descriptive writing of your travels.



Matt said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos.

Sarah said...

Love your pictures. You are such a talented photographer. And an awesome person, I can't wait to see you in less than a month!