Thursday, July 19, 2007

Adventures In Globalism

Beat this, Garza!

That's right. The Pyramids, a BMW, a horsecart, KFC, and the world's most international of hand-gestures. Tom Friedman, the world is truly flat.


P.S. A serious update post is long overdue. I'm aware. It'll happen soon, with significantly more advanced sentence structure, to boot.


Matt said...

Truly you are the Master Sheikh. I look forward to seeing you soon and sharing that truly international symbol.

Marium said...

hahaah love it...dont think anything can top this one!

sam said...

master sheikh,

my question: was this a bravado/i'm a thug middle finger or a "keegan just kicked me to the curb because i was in between him and kfc" middle finger?

Lauren Jill Hatshepsut said...

Go Keegan. While I'm not overly fond of the hand-gesture, these juxtapositions are marvelous. Right-on! in our complex, varied worlds.